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Covid-19 Statement

At The Cambrian Inn we have taken a cautious approach to re-opening and will continue to take the situation surrounding Covid-19 very seriously. We will follow government guidelines and continue to review procedures to ensure we mitigate the identified risks and provide as safe as possible environment for our patrons, guests, staff and visitors to the premises.

While we navigate the new ‘normal’, we aim to still provide you with the best possible experience at The Cambrian Inn, and we just ask for your support and cooperation in making everyone’s experience a good one by following some basic guidelines whilst on the premises.

For more details about our Covid-19 precautions and policies please click here

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We are proud to continue to be the main club / shirt sponsors of both St. Davids Rugby Football Club
for the 2019/20 season, and Llanrhian Cricket Club for the 2020 season.

We wish both teams and their supporters all the best in their respective seasons and would
encourage others to support in any way they can, these important parts of our local community.